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Texas Tow Operator Continuing Education Course

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  • TDLR Provider #: 1298
  • TDLR Course #: 22690
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  • What License Type Must Take This Course For License Renewal: Towing Operators 

TDLR Information: 

To renew a Towing Operator License (Consent Tow and Private Property), a licensee must complete a total four (4) hours of continuing education through Department-approved courses (like this course). The continuing education hours must include one (1) hour in roadway safety, one (1) hour in Texas law and rules that regulate the conduct of towing operators; and two (2) hours in industry related topics.

To renew an Incident Management (IM) towing operator license for the first (1st) time, a licensee must complete, in lieu of the continuing education, a professional development course relating to towing that consists of eight (8) hours of training. The training must include at least two (2) hours of live demonstration and hands-on training, at least two (2) hours of classroom training; and any remaining hours in classroom training or live demonstration and hands-on training. This course covers 4 of the 8 hours required for a first time IM towing operator CE. The remaining 4 hours must be completed in person (hands-on / classroom), not online.  

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Course Outline


  • Vehicle Towing Law, Title 14, Chapter 2308
  • Vehicle Towing Rules, 16 Texas Administrative Rules, Chapter 86
  • Vehicle Storage Facilities Law, Title 14, Chapter 2303
  • Vehicle Storage Facilities Rules, 16 Texas Administrative Rules, Chapter 85
  • Vehicle Booting and Immobilization Rules, 16 Texas Administrative Rules Chapter 89


  • Terminology and Definitions
  • Clothing and Readiness and Awareness
  • Identifying Parts of a Tow Truck
  • Circle Check
  • Traffic Control
  • Lane Closure
  • Stopping Distance
  • 5 Second Rule
  • Driving Skills  

INDUSTRY RELATED TOPICS (2hrs)Terminology and Definitions

  • Equipment Ratings
  • Wire Rope
  • Chain
  • Car Carrier Techniques Video
  • Car Carrier Transport
  • Light Duty Towing
  • Tow Capacity
  • Secondary Attachment Chains
  • Car Carrier Uprighting Video
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4 hours
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